EuRDP - Dedicated Server RentalYou can order hosting in the following locations: Ukraine(Kharkiv), Netherlands(Amsterdam), Bulgaria(Sofia), Latvia(Riga), Czech(Prague), Poland(Gdansk),
USA(Los Angeles)
Available OS: Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Windows Instant Server Installation

JUST-DS-G1610-4-500 500Gb 4Gb 2c/2t Core® 1 GB/s $69.99/month Sofia Order
JUST-DS-Xeon E3-32-HDD
2x2000Gb HDD 32Gb ECC Intel Xeon®E3-1230v3-v5 1 GB/s $135.99/month Sofia Order
Free of charge with each VDS and VPS serverPaid additions will be offered after the choice of a tariff.
Best price
Data center - 7 locations
Xeon Core
1 selected IP address
Test Period for Legal Entities
Full access on SSH
OS installation at your choice

Dedicated server is a separate physical medium, and all of its resources are at the user's disposal. It’s just a basic dedicated server meaning. Typically, a dedicated server hosting is used to run services with a high consumption of resources (for example, a game server) or some websites with a large number of visits (a large online store or information resource). For security purposes for large-scale projects, the database server and the web server are located on different machines - if one of the servers is unavailable or hacked, the other service will not be affected and will continue to work.

Dedicated Server, or physical server, is the most productive and expensive hosting service. Renting a best dedicated server hosting will be an excellent solution for owners of commercial websites, corporate resources, game servers and complex web applications. Unlike shared hosting and VPS, when you have to share resources with other users, with source dedicated server you will have at your disposal all the capacities provided as part of the service.

If you rent a dedicated server in the data center you will get a very productive computer on Windows or Linux with a special set of programs for a certain period. We will provide the server with a fast Internet connection and professional technical support that will help to cope with hardware and software difficulties. The price of such a service is usually higher in comprasion with VPS and shared hosting. The advantages of virtual dedicated server include the provision of complete freedom in the choice of installed software, as well as control over the server equipment: bandwidth, memory and disk.

Advantages of Dedicated Server


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