JUST-DS-I3-8 250Gb 8Gb Core I3® 1 GB/s $83.99/month Montreal Order
JUST-DS-Xeon E3-32-HDD
2x2000Gb HDD 32Gb ECC Intel Xeon®E3-1230v3-v5 1 GB/s $135.99/month Montreal Order
Free of charge with each VDS and VPS serverPaid additions will be offered after the choice of a tariff.
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Data center - 7 locations
Xeon Core
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Rent a ultra VPS server

What is the advantage of VPS compared to conventional hosting? First of all, it is a guarantee of resources. It is about creating several virtual servers based on one physical. Obviously, these resources are distributed between a limited number of clients, and therefore the speed and reliability of the IPN is much higher than that of traditional shared hosting. In addition, VPS can use more resources if at any given time they are not used by other VPS.

Why do you need VPS hosting?

Modern software that serves the work of websites may simply not be able to use the capabilities of a conventional website hosting. At the same time, buying a server rental is not only expensive, but in most cases it is not advisable. That is why JustVPS offers to buy ultra VPS for the owners of large, dynamically developing websites.

The JustVPS client has full root access to the directories and resources of the virtual server, which means easy installing any software, development tools, etc. on it. In this case, the owner of ultra VPS hosting is not responsible for the physical server that the provider provides him. If the slightest technical problems are detected, the company's employees will deal with them.

VPS Benefits

It should be noted that the quality of the dedicated VPS server from the JustVPS host is hardly inferior to the dedicated servers. In addition, the UPU has other advantages:

At JustVPS, you can easily rent a ultra VPS hosting and you can make sure that a dedicated virtual server combined with a convenient admin panel is the best solution for owners of large websites. Even the cheapest VPS requires a ready-made set of software or an instant installation of the OS with the possibility of personalization. Thus, the virtual server VPS will be configured according to your preferences.

If you buy a VPS-server from the company JustVPS, you will receive not only the best platform for hosting websites, but also a competent, fast-working support service