EuRDP- Web Hosting Product & Package OptionsYou can order hosting in the following locations: Netherlands (Amsterdam), Ukraine (Kharkiv) Available OS: Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Windows Instant Server Installation

SSD Hosting #1 1 web/domain,
10 mailboxes,
Unlimited traffic,
Instant setup
$1.99/month Germany Order
SSD Hosting #2 5 web/domain,
50 mailboxes,
Unlimited traffic,
Instant setup
$3.99/month Germany Order
SSD Hosting #3 10 web/domain,
100 mailboxes,
Unlimited traffic,
Instant setup
$6.99/month Germany Order
SSD Hosting #4 50 web/domain,
500 mailboxes,
Unlimited traffic,
Instant setup
$10.99/month Germany Order
Free of charge with each VDS and VPS serverPaid additions will be offered after the choice of a tariff.
Best price
Data center - 7 locations
Xeon Core
1 selected IP address
Test Period for Legal Entities
Full access on SSH
OS installation at your choice

What are the web hosting services?

Web hosting services allow the user to rent the necessary resources on the server and place their website, web application or other online content on them. In our company you can buy web hosting for the website, ensuring its smooth operation. Our servers are located in the largest data centers so you can be sure that you will get the best option on the market.

It’s important to choose a reliable web hosting company because hosting is the basis for creating websites and launching online projects. When you host files on a remote web server, the provider is responsible for their safety and security. Unlike free services, high-quality paid hosting guarantees quick access to pages for a large number of visitors without unnecessary advertising.

JustVPS takes care of each client: we offer static web hosting at competitive prices with a wide selection of tariff plans and parameters with different web hosting cost. Whether you are going to create a website with a personal portfolio or plan to launch an entire online store, we will surely find a suitable hosting option.

Cheap web hosting will be a good start for beginners and it is suitable for creating static websites. If your project grows into a commercial resource, you can always choose a more powerful tariff for large, highly loaded websites and professional platforms. For legal entities, electronic document management is available, which allows you to quickly exchange documents and perform operations with hosting services and domains.

The security of your website is important to us, therefore, in addition to the fastest web hosting service, you will receive:

What are the types of hosting?

Shared hosting or shared hosting web murah involves placing multiple independent Internet resources on one server. This is the most popular type of hosting, as it meets the requirements of most online projects.

A virtual dedicated server or VPS gives the user access to an entire virtual machine with administrator rights to configure it and manage it according to their needs. At the same time, unlimited web hosting with multiple number of websites and a large amount of disk space will be available to you. It is suitable for large projects, such as an online store or social network.