Today we will see “How to Fix .NET 3.5 Installation Error On Windows Server”. The .NET Framework is a proprietary software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It was the predominant implementation of the Common Language Infrastructure until being superseded by the cross-platform .NET project. if you are not sure that Framework 3.5 is on your server or not, then you can check this through Powershell or the Server Manager console.

To fix .NET 3.5 Error there are many Several Solution Available on the Internet. It depends on your Error Code. If you are not sure which solution you need to apply. I will recommend you dig through your error code. We need to disable the windows update. so let’s go.

Fix .NET 3.5 Framework

  • Let’s open Services first.
  • Hit the windows key.
  • Now type “Services” and press Enter key.
  • It will open the Services Console.
  • Now Scroll down and search for “Windows Update” Services.
  • After this Double click on the Services.
  • Now go to the Start-Up type option.
  • After this From the drop-down menu choose the “Automatic” option.
  • NET 3.5
  • Now click on the Start button.
  • After this apply button to save the configuration.
  • NET 3.5
  • Now check again and do the installation process again.
  • That’s it.