RDP as Administrator Open – how it works

Want to RDP as Administrator? We’ll show you how.

Although there are many free remote control programs available on Windows, Linux, and Mac, in this tutorial we will focus on Windows where many technicians and system administrators often use this program built into Windows systems to connect via Remote Desktop to other Windows 10, 8, 7, XP computers… or Windows Server servers.

The first would be logically configured as a remote desktop server or enabled on a computer. However, today we will focus on how to run this program through commands and the options they contain. Thanks to a remote desktop we can connect remotely by starting Windows from another computer, either on the same network or only connected to the Internet.

A common usage is using the remote desktop to be able to enter your information and files from the office but from home. To do this, a connection with the appropriate permissions must be activated. They must be on the accepted user’s list and have a firewall enabled on the other computer for these remote options.

In some cases, from the Command Prompt (CMD) it can be very useful to use mstsc.exe. This is the Microsoft remote desktop client that we can find in the following path:

% systemroot% / system32 / mstsc.exe

Using the mstsc.exe command with modifiers

mstsc.exe has a full set of modifiers that can be used to perform tasks from the command console or from a familiar command prompt. We will inform you about the possible changes that this command offers us
This command offers some interesting features such as defining the height and width of the connection, running as administrator, specifying the address and port, etc. Running this command via bat can be interesting to place it in the launches of certain devices in order to connect automatically without having to enter this information multiple times.

mstsc.exe [] [/ v: [:]] [/ admin] [/ f] [/ w: / h:] [/ public] [/span[mstsc.exe/edit mstsc.exe / migrate

Let’s Open RDP as an Administrator

  • In the windows search bar type mstsc.exe/ admin
  • It will open the RDP console as an administrator.
  • After this log in to RDP with your Credentials. It will open RDP as administrator.